What You Need to Know About Your Auto Insurance Policy

Let us know first what an auto insurance policy has to be. This is kind of contract in which your vehicle or car wherein one party agrees to pay for another party’s financial loss resulting from an accident or specified event such as collision, theft, storm damage, fire, etc.Having an auto or car insurance policy which you will purchase is not only for your personal use but also necessary for your business if you have one. For example you have a business which deal with delivery, so it is important for you to have auto insurance policy and if you provide your employee with company cars, you also need to have auto insurance policy.When you buy insurance is sure you know what coverage you want and be sure it is in your insurance policy. In auto car insurance policy, there is term and condition and you need to be aware of it. There is auto insurance policy that is affordable in your pocket since it depends on what coverage you like to have.There is also a policy that is special, in which this kind of auto or car insurance are available to drivers who go uninsured due to limited financial resources. This is good news for the drivers who don’t have enough budgets for car insurance.Auto or car insurance policies have different types of coverage; depending on what coverage you choose for your car insurance policy. You have to learn the different types of auto coverage which are collision, uninsured motorist, liability, etc.Most insurance companies have their various types of car insurance coverage available for the policy shoppers. Regarding the car insurance or auto insurance, there are plenty of options aside from normal liability and other collision policies. So it is important that you know what you want and need for your insurance coverage.Always read the insurance policy if you want to buy one. It is very important to read the policy before you buy. Always look for the great rate that fits your budget. Although there are lots of autos or where you can choose and shop. Compare their rate for coverage.If you are busy and you don’t have time to go around shopping for auto insurance, you can call your friends and ask if they know a car or auto insurance that is reliable and have a good reputation. If ever you are busy and you only have time to shop at night, you can go online through the internet.In the net, there are lots of insurance companies to choose from with their website’s open 24/7. It is more convenient for working individual to shop through the internet. Just be sure that you got the reputable auto insurance company.

Mutual Fund Investing 101: How You Make Money

How do you make money investing in mutual funds? There are basically two ways to make money and two ways to lose money investing in mutual funds. Let’s get down to basics.There are thousands of funds to choose from and the vast majority of them will fall into one of four categories based on where they invest money (your money). They are called: equity (stock), bond, money market, and balanced funds. In all of the above you open an account, invest money, and this buys you shares. You make money investing based on the number of shares you own. The same goes if you lose money investing.Let’s start with the most popular and the riskiest category called EQUITY FUNDS, which invest money in stocks, which are also called “equities”. Why invest money here? The primary objective is growth, with dividend income as a secondary objective. You make money investing here when the share price goes up, and from dividends. You lose money when the share price goes down. The dividends come from the stocks in the fund portfolio and are passed on to you. They (like all dividends) are yours to keep. The primary attraction of equity funds: the potential for high returns.BOND FUNDS have one primary objective: higher income in the form of dividends. They are also called INCOME FUNDS, and are generally safer than the equity variety. You invest money here to earn higher dividends than you can get elsewhere. The dividends come from the interest earned in the fund’s bond portfolio. You can also make money investing when the share price goes up; and lose money when the share price falls. Normally, there is considerably less price fluctuation than you’ll find in the equity or stock category.BALANCED FUNDS are a happy medium between the two above, because they invest money in both stocks and bonds. Hence you make money from both rising share prices and dividends, and lose money investing when share prices tumble. Here you have moderate risk.MONEY MARKET FUNDS are the safe alternative and you make money investing in them in only one way: dividends. They invest money and earn interest in high quality, short-term IOUs (in the money market). This interest they pass on to you in the form of dividends. Share price is pegged at $1 and does not fluctuate. Very rarely do investors lose money investing here.Most people invest money in mutual funds as a long term investment. So, in most cases they simply allow the fund company to reinvest all dividends (and other distributions) to buy more shares. Distributions (like capital gains from the sale of stock) are a bit technical. Don’t worry – if you have them coming, you’ll get your share. And you’ll also receive periodic statements showing the activity in your account.In the beginning we said that there are basically two ways to make money and two ways to lose money investing in mutual funds. What’s the second way you can lose money? Let me give you an example, and as a former financial planner I’ve seen this happen time and time again. Joe Blow decided to invest money in mutual funds through a “financial planner” (not me). He put $20,000 into a stock fund, and about a year later he looked at his latest statement and it showed a total value of $19,000.The stock market in that year showed a modest gain. How did he lose money investing? Answer: $1000 came off the top to pay for sales charges called “loads”. About $300 went to yearly fund expenses, and another $300 to extra fees. Joe claims that he didn’t know anything about these charges and fees.It is not necessary to pay big bucks when you invest money in mutual funds. Had Joe gone with NO-LOAD funds, he could have invested for a total cost of about $200 a year, for expenses. You can make money investing in mutual funds as a long term investment. Just don’t work against yourself by losing money to high charges and fees.

How To Apply For Bad Credit Credit Cards

If you need a credit card but have a poor credit history, don’t despair. Bad credit credit cards are available that can meet most needs. This is not common knowledge. No doubt you have had people tell you that if you have bad credit, no lender will touch you. This is not the case for most people. As long as you have the income to repay the debt, lenders will usually be prepared to loan to you. Depending on your personal circumstances and the credit card provider, you may have additional criteria attached to your card. However, this is not automatically the case. Every lender is different and there are a variety of credit cards available to clients with poor credit histories.There are different types of bad credit credit cards to choose from. These include both secured and unsecured credit cards. Secured credit cards require a deposit to cover the limit on the card. If you do not make your monthly payments, the credit card provider can take the security deposit to cover your debt. However, this will still affect your credit score so if you are planning on using a secured credit card it is important to make the payments on time. Unsecured credit cards are most common, even for borrowers with bad credit. Lenders may charge a higher interest rate as well as higher annual fees and charges to compensate for a higher risk. However, there are many credit cards available for people with a poor credit history which still offer reasonable terms.If you need to rebuild your credit score, bad credit credit cards can help you do so. As long as you don’t borrow more than you can afford to repay and make your payments by the due date every month, you will be able to gradually improve your credit score. In fact, some credit cards specifically designed for bad credit offer a special service of notifying the credit reporting agencies of your good payment history every three months. These services can actually fast track your credit repair.There is a wide range of bad credit credit cards to choose from but you need to know where to find them. You also need to have the capacity to identify the best options for your needs. The lower the annual interest charges the better. Ongoing fees and charges also need to be competitive. The lower all of these charges are, the better. The higher the interest rate, the higher the monthly charges you will have to face. Therefore, even if the fees and charges are a little higher, opt for the lowest interest rate. If they are substantially higher you will need to do the math.The best way to find, research and apply for bad credit credit cards is online. Specialist credit card sites have usually done the initial research for you, leaving you with a selection of the best deals to choose from. They often provide tables comparing different aspects of the cards so you can see in a single glance the similarities and differences between cards. Once you decide on the best credit card, you can then apply online. You can do everything from beginning to end from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you have to do, is do it.